About Antoine Nehme

    Antoine Nehme Foundation is named after the storied career of a man with the same name.

    Antoine Nehme

    Antoine Nehme

    Born in 1930 in Haifa to a large Lebanese family, Antoine Nehme returned to Beirut in 1948.

    As the eldest son, Antoine Nehme’s early life had always been a challenge and in a life of poverty and suffering, He had always pursued his goal for betterment in achieving his full potential and to take care of both his direct & extended families.

    In the year 1953 he moved to Doha for work and opportunity.  Eager to grow together with the young nation of Qatar, Antoine Nehme setup a small domestic trading establishment a few years later in Doha to represent and build international brands in the local marketplace.
    Embodied with the true meaning of the word pioneer and independence, Antoine Nehme kept and admirable pace – striving to meet the ever increasing demands of a country in the path of rapid growth which continues till this day.

    A humanitarian by nature, Antoine Nehme was always involved in funding and founding several community and social centers until his passing in the year 2010.

    Antoine Nehme Foundation carries on this one man’s legacy.

    We’re excited to announce the availability of the inspirational book entitled Blessings in the Sand which is now available online and in bookshops with proceeds from the sale of this publication going to the charitable works of Antoine Nehme Foundation.


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