Helping People Help Themselves

    To reach a just and secure society resulting from moral and financial interdependence and the cooperation of its people.

    We wish to contribute to the development of people on social levels, especially the disadvantaged and sick, including children, youth, and women.
    We further work to eradicate poverty & empower individuals through diverse fields of education and personal development, with the aim, not only facilitate the personal growth of the individual, but also improve the social development of their respective communities.

    Our Values define – who we arewhat we dowhy we do what we do how we do what we do – and are rooted within our three timeless pillars.

    • Faith
      We believe we answer the question “if you don’t know where you’ve been, how would you know where you are going?” and accordingly, our drive is relentlessly fueled by the storied challenges and sacrifices of yesterday & the present and the faith in a better tomorrow.
    • Integrity
      We recognize right from wrong and come from a long linage of “saying what we do” and “doing what we say” and firm to both transparency and ethics.
    • Responsibility
      We make it our duty to deliver on our message of “helping people help themselves” and ensure we meet deliverables to all the expectations we set ahead and our projects.

    The image of a continuous flower in the colour of red of sacrifice and union with society.
    It is also the spelling of the word “Nehme” in Arabic calligraphy.


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    Inspirational Quotes

    "Self-praise is for losers. Be a winner. Stand for something. Always have class, and be humble." - John Madden