As the Incognito Awards’ purpose is recognize activists in Lebanon and beyond that have demonstrated extraordinary effort, innovation, leadership, best practices and excellence in providing service to humanity which may have been overlooked, the specifications for nominations are as follows:

    1. Nominated NGO’s and individuals should be of outstanding character and reputation.
    2. NGO’s nominated for Awards in specific areas should have substantial accomplishments in those areas, and demonstrated exceptional effort, innovation, initiative, leadership, and excellence in providing service to humanity.
    3. Awards may not be self-nominated; that is, individuals that are affiliated with an NGO are not to nominate their own NGO, and individuals may not nominate themselves for the Incognito Awards.

    To recommend an award, please send the name of the organization and its qualifications, along with any supporting documentation, to the Awards Selection Committee. Newspaper articles, personal testimonies, recommendations from prominent leaders, and a report of activities would be useful for the Awards Selection Committee.

    Please note that nominations are kept for three years. That is, if the Awards Selection Committee does not select a nominated NGO or individual, it will keep those documents and consider them in the following two years, and thus nominations need not be resubmitted during those times.

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