Helping people help themselves


satellite-mapThe Antoine Nehme Foundation provides support for cultural, social, humanitarian and other causes for the common good.

Activities not eligible for funding:
The Antoine Nehme Foundation does not fund directly living costs, education or study travel for individuals. Neither societies, organisations, institutions and associations pursuing commercial objectives. Nor does the foundation support political parties.
Other activities generally not supported by the Antoine Nehme Foundation are amateur choral and orchestra concerts, the recording and release of music and similar, the shooting of films and TV broadcasts, amateur theater and the publication of books.

Application guidelines:
There is no standard application form or specific deadline. Applications are considered at General Meetings which meets regularly.
Your application should describe the purpose of the activity and budget details, the amount of assistance sought, and who else you have approached.

Our Vision “To reach a just and secure society resulting from moral and financial interdependence and the cooperation of its people” is our drive.

As such, we seek to make a triple positive impact to the:



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